The end of October, 2014 marked the occasion of the 18th annual Balsells recognition luncheon at UCI. The event was hosted by Professor Roger Rangel, Director of the Balsells Fellowship and by Dean Greg Washington. Pete Balsells and his daughter Denise Stillman attended the event. The event started with a poster session where eight of the current Balsells fellows showcased their research work. IMG_5687The poster session was followed by lunch, during which former Balsells fellows Pere Pla was the invited speaker. Pere spoke about his experience as a Balsells fellow and about his current activities as an employee of BalSeal Engineering. Pete Balsells spoke to the fellows about the importance of hard work and staying focused on the objectives to be successful.Group 2014IMG_5641IMG_5617

Oct 2014: Annual Balsells Luncheon at UCI