Publications written by Balsells Fellows:


S. De Miguel, M.S. Project
Controller Designs for Seismic-Excited Buildings with Bounded Actuators (PDF)


J. M. Pulido, M.S. Thesis
SM: Real-Time Multicast Protocols to Meet the Requirement of Simultaneous Message Delivery (PDF)

F. Lopez Dekker, M.S. Thesis
Three-Dimensional Electromagnetic Field Simulation of Integrated Metal-Insulator-Metal Capacitors (PDF)


Ferran Negre, M.S. Thesis
Effect of High-Radix Carry-Save Redundancy in ALU on Processor Cycle Time, Architecture, and Implementation (PDF)

Alba Perez, M.S. Project
Analysis and Design of Bennett Linkages (PDF)
(Annex 3.1) (PDF)
(Annex 3.2) (PDF)

Jordi Ros, Publications
Bottleneck Branch Marking for Noise Consolidation in Multicast Networks (PDF)
A General Theory of Constrained Max-Min Rate Allocation for Multicast Networks (PDF)


Julius Klein, M.S. Project
A CAD Add-in for Synthesis of RSSR Function Generators (PDF)

J. J. Mohedano, M.S. Thesis
Nested Lyapunov Ellipsoids Implementation for Gain Scheduling.Techniques in Controller Design (PDF)

Maria Cruz Villa Uriol, Ph.D. Thesis
Video-Based Avatar Reconstruction and Motion Capture (PDF)

Alfred Grau, M.S. Thesis
Influence of Reconfigurable Antenna Parameters on the Diversity Gain in Fading MIMO Environments: an Experimental Approach on the Spatial, Polarization and Pattern Diversity (PDF)

Oriol Español, M.S. Thesis
A Constrained H Approach for Robust Track-Seek Control of a Dual-Stage Hard-Disk-Drive (PDF)


Laura Marchal-Crespo, M.S. Thesis
A simulator and assist-as-needed control strategy for learning to drive a power wheelchair (PDF)

Xavier Casadevall, M.S. Thesis
Gold/PolyPyrrole Actuators for active Micromixing (PDF)


Anna Torrents, M.S. Thesis

Strengthening and softening in nanocrystalline nickel (PDF)

Merce Dalmau, M.S. Thesis
Engineered protein cage for drug delivery (PDF)

Sergio Lopez, M.S. Thesis
Practical control design using constrained H∞ (PDF)

Albert Farre, M.S. Thesis
Controllers for Systems with Bounded Actuators: Modeling and control of an F-16 aircraft (PDF)

Francesc Calvo, M.S. Thesis
Time-Triggered function support in a Real-Time Linux environment (PDF)


Julius Klein, Ph.D. Thesis
Performance Enhancing Mechanisms for Human Manipulation (PDF)

Laura Marchal-Crespo, Ph.D. Thesis
Haptic Guidance for Enhancing Human Motor Learning: Application to a Robot-Assisted Powered Wheelchair Trainer (PDF)

Xavier Casadevall i Solvas, Ph.D. Thesis
Active Micromixing and In-Vivo Protection of Sensors with Gold/PolyPyrrole Actuators (PDF)

Eva Carreira, M.S. Thesis
Mechanical Investigation of a Novel Bio-Mimetic Morphing Structure (PDF)

Anna Diez, M.S. Thesis
Edge-Preserving Image Upscaling (PDF)


Mercè Dalmau Mallorquí, Ph.D. Thesis
E2 Protein Cage as a Multifunctional Nanoplatform (PDF)

Sergio López López, Ph.D. Thesis
Optimal H∞ Design of Causal Multirate Controllers and Filters (PDF)

Pere Pla Juncà, M.S. Thesis
Behavior of Typical Skewed and Curved Bridges in Extreme Seismic Events (PDF)


Yair Martíez Palomino, M.S. Thesis
Model fitting of a bilinear material with Genetic Algorithm (PDF)


Ferran Martí Duran, M.S. Thesis
Droplet Evaporation in an Active Turbulence Grid Wind Tunnel (PDF)